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         Ningbo Yinzhou Haiqing Machinery Co., Ltd. is located at Tiantong Xiayan Mountain, Dongwu Town, Yinzhou District, Ningbo City. 
         Haiqing Company is an enterprise that mainly produces injection molding machines. It mainly produces dozens of plastic injection molding machines with injection volume of 45-10800g and mold locking force of 400-15000KN. The company has accumulated the essence of the industry for many years and kept innovating. In order to ensure the quality of the machine, the parts of the machine with different clamping forces are all managed and processed professionally. The HQ series injection molding machine developed by Haiqing Company uses CAD/CAM/CAPP technology to optimize the design of products on the basis of absorbing the essence of world famous machines, solves several technical problems such as noise and low energy consumption of the whole machine, and ensures the design quality of products.
        The company adopts advanced equipment and technology and applies scientific management. Bessides,it has introduced high-precision full automatic CNC machines ftted with imported electic and hydraulic parts, which have tremendously improved the accuracy and steadiness of the whole machine .Its present products such as HQK and HAF series injection molding machines have diversified specifications and may accept special order from users. The machines are used to produce high-precisified thermoplastic products and widely applied in the electronic, automobile and civil industries.
        In order to participate in competition in the world market, the company has clustered a group of high quality technical and managerial personnel with innovative spirit by means of optimized combination of personnel. The company faces the society and users by acting on the principle of pursuit for first class and sincere service. We will appreciate friends from all cicles who have given their concern and support to HAIQING machines with first class products and first class after service.

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